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Winding through the Florida Everglades is a narrow thread of forested swamp

approximately 20 miles long and 3 to 5 miles wide.

It is the Fakahatchee Strand.

 The Fakahatchee Strand is the main drainage slough of the southwestern Big Cypress Swamp and the largest and most unusual of the strands.

The natural values of this mixed cypress & mixed hardwood swamp are arguably greater than those of any other comparably-sized area in Florida.

The Fakahatchee contains the largest stand of royal palms and the largest concentration and variety of orchids in North America, as well as many other species of plants that are extremely rare. 

This vast wilderness is a mosaic of royal palm stands, cypress domes, and grassy prairies dotted with wild bromeliads, native ferns, and orchids. The wildlife of the Strand is equally rare.  Endangered or threatened species include: 

  • Florida Panther

  • Black Bear

  • Everglades Mink

  • Wood Stork

  • Mangrove Fox Squirrel

  • Bald Eagle

  • All have been seen within the preserve!